Moncler land in Milan
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Owens + Moncler land in Milan launches the Manifesto “to protect”

Owens + Moncler land in Milan. And Moncler launches the Manifesto “to protect”

A traveling bus from Nevada has recently arrived in the Lombard capital. At each stage, a presentation and a series of talks with maitre a penser. Teyana Taylor in her video Lose Each Other, is the first to wear it in public. The singer is at home in the Rick Owens + Moncler down jacket collection. In fact, the upholstered items are conceived as “blankets” with all the protective meanings (from Linus onwards) that they can have at a time such as ours. To launch the collection together with Michèle Lamy, partner and life partner, the designer inventor of glunge in ’94 (grunge glamor) has devised a curious solution in line with the times: a traveling bus that left Nevada and recently arrived in Milan. At each stage, a presentation and a cycle of talks with maitre à penser: a solution that lately is the most popular. After all, to paraphrase Lucio Battisti, fashion is «thoughts and many words». Moncler land in Milan


Rick Owens, Moncler land in Milan
Rick Owens

In Milan, Owens and Lamy organized a cycle of conversations inspired by Jacques Rivette’s arthouse film. L’Amour Fou (1969). Themes: “from the sublime to the modern Milanese culture, up to environmental activism”. All via zoom.

Among the interlocutors, chef Davide Oldani, Vittorio Da Mosto co-founder of Venice Calls and promoter of a sustainable life, as well as the art producer Paolo Rosso at the head of the Microclima environmental conservation programs. The conversations ended with a discussion between Alessio Ascari, founder of the magazine Kaleidoscope, and Myriam Ben Salah, an independent curator, director, and chef curator of the Renaissance Society of Chicago.

Lamy in Owens Moncler, Moncler land in Milan
Lamy in Owens Moncler

In the end, an intimate show with Lamy’s relatives, between the bus and the Owens boutique in Milan via Monte di Pietà. A show extended via Instagram to the digital audience of @Moncler, @RickOwensOnline, and @LaLaMichMich. Moncler land in Milan


But the collection already on sale from 22 October? Worn by the same creators Owens and Lamy and all played on black, silver, and dust, it enhances the concept of the blanket as can be seen in the designer’s symbolic photo. Moreover, he has always been a lover of the reworking of this element. While, his companion hails aggressively and with an oriental drop on the forehead, a down jacket with hairy after-ski A disturbing future-prehistoric outfit. Goal: «throw radiance quilts»: with a shining flow. Moncler land in Milan


Meanwhile, Remo Ruffini, the tireless volcanic mind of Moncler’s, launches the Born to Protect manifesto. «The world – he says – is facing increasingly urgent challenges. The results achieved cannot and should not be enough. With Moncler Born Protect we renew our commitment. The sustainability plan provides for a reduction of the environmental impact including the achievement of carbon neutrality, the re-use of production waste, the use of eco-sustainable nylon, and the reduction of single-use plastic. We will recycle the certified down according to the DIST protocol with a process that allows the saving of about 70% of the water ». More also in the social field. “Moncler – presides the president, CEO of the brand – is committed to supporting local communities, protecting 100,000 children and families in need and afflicted by the cold”. “In moments like these – says Owens – the most important thing to do is to behave with spirit.” Moncler land in Milan

Owens + Moncler land in Milan launches the Manifesto “to protect”
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