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Pregnant Coco Rocha finds an unusual swimsuit

You will never guess what the haters didn’t like.

At the end of July, supermodel Coco Rocha announced to her subscribers that she was expecting her third child. “As you can imagine, this is just a surreal pregnancy in crazy times,” wrote Coco. As she finds an unusual swimsuit for herself. 

Now a little more than two months are left before the supermodel is born. Coco feels great and leads a completely ordinary life. Recently, for example, she and her five-year-old daughter, Iioni, traveled to New Jersey to spend a weekend at the beach while the season still allows.

The star shared a picture in a swimsuit – and, apparently, in vain she did it. The fact is that the unusual black and white beach outfit was so skillfully cut that it hid the beauty’s pregnant belly. unusual swimsuit

As a result, Coco had to remove some of the offensive comments from the haters. Followers began to accuse her of hiding her belly (which means that she does not want a child at all), is not proud of her position, and, in general, will be a bad mother. unusual swimsuit

Insisting that she wasn’t trying to hide anything at all, Koko continued, noting that it was nobody’s business what she decides to show or not. unusual swimsuit

“Firstly, I announced that I was pregnant 5 weeks ago, and not only through social networks, but also through glossy magazines. So I’m not trying to hide anything. Secondly, never tell a woman what part of her body you think you should see on her social media. Third, please try to love yourself and your life and not waste time criticizing someone else. I love my life 100%, my family, my pregnancy, my body, my stomach, and especially my day at the pool! ” – the star rebuffed critics.

But there were also those who asked to say where Rocha acquired such a swimsuit. Firstly, it is really, beautiful and original. And secondly, if he “hid” a six-month pregnancy, then slight obesity for those who are not quite ready for the beach season will definitely hide it. True, such a beach outfit is not cheap – the creation of designer Liisa Marie Fernandez will cost 380 pounds or a little more than 37,000 rubles in terms of the Russian currency. But in this, you can go even to the podium! Which Koko practically did by arranging an impromptu fashion show with her daughter by the pool.

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Pregnant Coco Rocha finds an unusual swimsuit
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