Rising star Julia Godunova

Rising star Julia Godunova

A palace, three dresses, and a white “Gelik”: how was the DR of the rising star Julia Godunova

Rising star Julia Godunova Singer and blogger from Belarus Julia Godunova on April 2 magnificently celebrated her 25th birthday, and at the same time fulfilled the desire of all the girls of the planet without exception – she tried on the image of a princess.

The girl decided to celebrate the DR-shku somehow in a special way. So I got the idea to throw a Disney Universe party. Rising star Julia Godunova

I wanted to give myself and my friends a real fairy tale. I really like flowers and sunset sky. It was this aesthetics that inspired me to the theme of the event, ”Julia confessed to a journalist.

According to the girl, the best organizers and decorators of Minsk worked on the implementation of the idea. It turned out, to put it mildly, grandiose!

In order to immerse the guests in an atmosphere of magic, several trees and more than three thousand flowers were planted in the scene of the action, and a waterfall was artificially constructed. The realism of the created objects and the drawn Disney castle was off the charts! It all really looked like a fairy tale! Rising star Julia Godunova

The guests, including many millionaire bloggers (Vlad Kobyakov, Dima Ermuzevich, Vlad Glen, and many others), adhered to the dres’ code according to the theme of the holiday. Meanwhile, the birthday girl changed her outfit three times! Rising star Julia Godunova

At first, Julia shone in a long, airy blue dress, then changed it to a white mini dress, and at the end of the evening, when the “fabulous” part was over, she changed into an extravagant red tight dress with spaghetti straps. Rising star Julia Godunova

I am very glad that everything turned out exactly as I intended. And it’s especially nice that at my holiday there were childhood idols – the Reflex group. Can anyone doubt that life is a fairy tale ?! – the girl addressed herself a rhetorical question.

The most important surprise for the birthday girl was prepared by her young man – blogger Vlad Bumaga, whose audience has almost 30 million subscribers on YouTube!

So, the young man presented his beloved with a gorgeous gift: a white Mercedes-Benz G-Class AMG, which is estimated at 20 million rubles! That’s what love without borders means!


Rising star Julia Godunova
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