Rosie Huntington and Jason Statham

Rosie Huntington and Jason Statham

What Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham look like on a regular walk

Rosie Huntington and Jason Statham Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and actor Jason Statham are considered one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood. Rosie and Jason met in April 2010 at the Coachella music festival, and four months later, the lovers began to live together. Rosie Huntington and Jason Statham

Not everyone believed that this relationship would last long. And I must say, in the first years between lovers there really were a lot of conflicts. One of the fights took place right at a Golden Globe party.

“Rosie is terribly angry that Jason regularly goes to parties, goes to bars, and drinks a lot. She believes that the actor’s friends have a detrimental effect on him. When Jason and Rosie just started dating, he spent almost all of the time with her, but now he has returned to his usual loose lifestyle, “- said a source close to the famous couple. Rosie Huntington and Jason Statham

But gradually Statham changed, and her beloved learned to put up with some of his shortcomings. Their relationship has improved again. Rosie Huntington and Jason Statham

In 2017, the couple had a son, who was named Jack. It was only in 2018 that Jason finally proposed to Rosie. But the wedding has not yet taken place.

“We were busy with our work for a long time, and then Jack appeared. So it just wasn’t our priority. Most importantly, we are happy together. It will be great to have a wedding when Jack is a little older and can take part in the ceremony, “- said the model in an interview. 

Jack will soon be 4 years old, and the wedding has not yet taken place. Fans have already begun to worry if this couple has decided to break up. But then they were seen on a walk-in London, where they recently bought a house, and everything seems to fall into place. Jason and Rosie rode the electric bike and looked absolutely happy. Rosie Huntington and Jason Statham

True, not everyone could recognize a supermodel beauty and a brutal actor – in real life they, as it turned out, do not look at all the same as on the red carpet. This, of course, especially applies to Rosie: without makeup and hair, she seems to have changed even the shape of her face. Rosie Huntington and Jason Statham

But the main thing for fans is that their favorites are clearly enjoying life and each other. It is possible that having moved from the States to their homeland (both are natives of England), Rosie and Jason will nevertheless decide to legalize their relationship. By the way, last year Huntington-Whiteley hinted that she would not mind giving her son a brother or sister.

Rosie Huntington and Jason Statham
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