Same-Sex Marriage: Sharni Edwards and Robyn Peoples became the first same-sex wedding in Northern Ireland


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Same-Sex Marriage: Sharni Edwards and Robyn Peoples became the first same-sex wedding in Northern Ireland. Since the new legislation was introduced in Northern Ireland two women from Belfast became the first same-sex couple to get married.

February 11, Sharni Edwards 27 years old and 26 years old Robyn Peoples knotted themselves in marriage, as they are the first same-sex couple after the legislation.  The first same-sex couple met in a gay bar in Belfast and in a relationship for six years. A civil partnership was planned by them but when the legislation was made on January 13 about same-sex marriage, they opted out for a wedding. They both set off for their honeymoon in Cyprus.

Before the wedding day, Robyn told to  BBC News: ‘We’re both nervous but very excited. We just can’t believe it’s happening next week. I just want to say thank you to everyone in Northern Ireland who has made this possible for us. Behind the scenes, everyone who’s marched, everyone who’s emailed, petitions, everything.’

Also, Sharni told to  Pink News: “It is so surreal for me. I still have to pinch myself. I just feel humbled and grateful. The younger generation needs people to look up to, to see it’s OK for a woman to love a woman. We are so thankful for the Love Equality campaigners for fighting for us. If it wasn’t for their hard work and effort, we wouldn’t be in this position now. We would still be having a civil partnership next week.”

Robyn revealed more: ‘It wasn’t intentional but we are so grateful for it. It helps other people to see we are just like any other normal couple, except we are both girls. There is nothing different about us from the next couple you see in the street.’



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