Scary story of male revenge.

Scary story of male revenge.

From love to hate: a man suspected his wife of treason and burned her clothes

Scary story of male revenge. Everyone knows that building healthy relationships in a family can only be based on mutual trust. True, often we ourselves begin to complicate things, inventing something that never happened, as well as striving for an unattainable (if not completely non-existent) ideal. And sometimes even the strongest relationships are broken by banal jealousy, which leaves no way to preserve old feelings.

“We were together for 2 years – we met at work and immediately began dating. We have a small company, and in principle, I communicate well with everyone, ”a regular user told her story. According to the girl, her husband was jealous of one of the employees of the company, as he allegedly began to behave unacceptably with her. The girl herself never allowed herself even a hint of flirting, declaring that she “never did anything indecent.” Scary story of male revenge.

The day before the heartbreaking publication, the heroine’s husband again became jealous of his wife for a colleague. Returning home, the girl found that her husband had burned most of her clothes. “He only burned what, according to him, exposed too much of the body,” the girl admitted. In the end, the husband said that it was high time for his wife to stop wearing provocative outfits, and also said that he knew about her plans to seduce a colleague. Scary story of male revenge.

The girl is sure that there was not even a hint of seduction in her tops. “And even if it were … Why does he decide what to wear?” – the author of the post exclaimed in indignation, asking for advice from other girls. Scary story of male revenge.

The comments immediately poured down the conclusions that the girl connected her life with the abuser, as well as the fact that she needed to immediately divorce the man.


Scary story of male revenge.
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