Coyote Ugly,

Sequel to “Coyote Ugly” in planning

The cult film returns: a sequel to “Coyote Ugly” in planning

Series also possible

For some time now, model and actress Tyra Banks (46) has been thinking about creating a follow-up to the cult film “Coyote Ugly” from 2000, in which she can be seen herself. These plans now seem to be slowly taking shape. Banks confirmed this on “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

“Yeah, we’re talking about either doing Coyote Ugly 2 or doing a series,” said Banks. Actually, she should have been talking about it at this moment, instead, she is currently appearing on the show by singer and presenter Kelly Clarkson (38). Banks were connected via video chat.

Who should play?

As early as 2018, Banks said in an interview with “Entertainment Weekly” that she would like to work on a sequel to “Coyote Ugly”. But you still have to secure the rights of film and television producer Jerry Bruckheimer (77) – or work with him on the project.

At that time, Banks also responded to the cast of her choice. In addition to her, Selena Gomez (28) could participate. Lady Gaga (34) could appear like a tough bar owner and a role for Meryl Streep (71) already occurred to her. Banks joked that the latter should dance with the others on the counter – according to the model of the original – or, according to the method-acting style, play the counter herself.

Sequel to “Coyote Ugly” in planning
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