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Todorenko showed a figure in a swimsuit

“Modest breasts”: Todorenko showed a figure in a swimsuit

Todorenko showed a figure in a swimsuit Regina Todorenko is not shy about posting beach photos in her microblog. And this is not surprising, because the results of hard work in the gym and eating healthy food are demonstrated by celebrities with special zeal. And subscribers are happy with any portion of inspiration and motivation for losing weight. Sidorenko showed a figure in a swimsuit

But what really strikes is that Regina is not completely satisfied with her almost ideal figure. And before, I generally experienced a lot of complexes about this.

“I was once ashamed of my body because of my modest breasts, pigmentation on my body, and a wrong bite. Especially in the program “Heads and Tails”, going out in a swimsuit was unbearable for me. I looked bad, not at all by the standards of generally accepted beauty – so it seemed to me, “- said Todorenko. Todorenko showed a figure in a swimsuit

True, then she immediately made a reservation that now her attitude towards herself has radically changed. “The world has changed, and I am wildly happy about it! Even in some way I am grateful for the appearance of body positivity, it was this movement that pushed me to love myself. But self-love for me is more than just accepting myself for who I am. Rather, on the contrary, it is an opportunity to take care of your body, it is self-care, daily activation of the cells of the whole body, the use of wholesome and tasty food, spiritual development! When there is order in the head, the body is healthy and absolutely does not need evaluation and comparison with generally accepted standards, ”said the presenter. Todorenko showed a figure in a swimsuit

Subscribers immediately began to assure Regina that she should not worry, and even more, so it should not be now. After all, her photo in a swimsuit for many is the best motivation to put yourself in order for the summer. And we cannot but agree with this. We invite you to look at the best pictures of Todorenko in swimsuits. Todorenko showed a figure in a swimsuit


Todorenko showed a figure in a swimsuit
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