Vanessa Incontrada

Vanessa Incontrada is the touch of class of the week

At 41, a son, Isàl, first a model than a TV personality, is today one of the most popular actresses in light comedies that require subtle intelligence.

Vanessa Incontrada, she is beautiful – as well as likable and full of talent – this young woman who has been blamed for years for not being a size 38. Once reserved for 12-year-olds (thin) and today it has become the norm for beauties planed by gymnastic exercises.

Naked on the cover of a magazine, Vanessa shows a statuesque body because there is no Hellenistic or Antonio Canova statue that exhibits sharp edges.

The asymmetrical neckline and well-shaped by a single richly draped shoulder strap, it highlights the softness of the décolleté. But with a sense of proportion and a slight touch of irony.

Sash Emphasizes the figure in a grand evening gown that seems to allude to certain Rita Hayworth dresses in the 1950s. The nuance of a not too vermilion red is interesting.

Coda Vanessa Incontrada came directly to the Venice Film Festival from Verona, where she presented the Seat Music Awards with Carlo Conti. From event to event (Dolce & Gabbana dress).

Split Short, and this is an original idea, gives movement to the skirt and favors the step. It’s not your usual seduction tool, it doesn’t wink at sexy. It’s fun.

Vanessa Incontrada is the touch of class of the week
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