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Versace sneakers and other shopping ideas

The collaboration between H&M and Susie Cave, the Clara Luciani collection for Sandro Paris

It’s called “Trigreca” and it’s a new Versace sneakers model with a very Versace soul. The aesthetic codes of the brand are all there, translated into a streetwear version: from the iconic Greca motif, used by Gianni for the first time in the Autumn-Winter 1988 collection, up to the geographical coordinates of Milan, as a reference to the location of the headquarters of the Maison. The Medusa could not be missing: in 3D, under the sole.

Versace "Trigreca" sneaker. versace sneakers

Versace “Trigreca” sneaker.

The brand to discover

Frenzlauer is the new 100% made in Tuscany brand, like its young designer Francesca Neri. Her bags reinterpret the great classics through clean lines and refined details. Distributed online, from this season they also arrive in Italian fashion temples: from La Rinascente to Luisa Via Roma, Modes and Penelope. And they have all the potential to enter the ranking of the new it bags.
Hobo bag fall winter 2020 Frenzlauer

Frenzlauer hobo bag.

The art of travel

Since its inception in 1898 in Cologne, Rimowa has been a pioneering brand for innovation and craftsmanship in creating the highest quality luggage. This November, in collaboration with the Rizzoli publishing house, the brand traces its history in the book RIMOWA: An Archive, Since 1898. A story through 100 years of travel objects, all special.

An image from the RIMOWA book: An Archive, Since 1898.

View over New York

Moscot is the eyewear brand that for five generations has handed down from lens to lens, frame to frame, a savoy-faire and a style all New York. With square and groovy silhouettes, this season is marked by the Seventies and recalls the vintage atmosphere of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where the brand has its headquarters. Unique, customizable models: with over twenty inspired lens colors, look a little, at the Big Apple.

Moscot glasses colored lenses 2020 70s

Moscot Eyewear fall-winter 2020/2021.

Joie de vivre

Eyes, clouds, ladybugs … and shiny vampire teeth. The rhinestone canines could not be missing in the H&M capsule collection in collaboration with The Vampire’s Wife. Susie Cave, founder and art director of the British brand, signs it. Former model, wife of the famous Nick, she is also famous for her bold and ironic spirit, which she poured into the creations for the Swedish giant: she hopes that the collection will give the wearer the same joy that she felt in creating it.

capsule collection bracelet The Vampire's Wife x H&M.

The Vampire’s Wife x H&M bracelet.

Original classic

Panchic is the brand born in Veneto ten years ago to redesign a classic shoe, the ankle boot. And transport it to the world of pop style. Since then, the first model “P01”, bestseller and pride of the founder Leonardo Dal Bello, has come a long way. It has evolved into unexpected variations, contaminated by the universe of sneakers and Beatles, and has been lit up with over four hundred colors, available this fall-winter. Of the original line? It keeps the sole low and the design clean. Always in the name of comfort.

Panchic low pony booties.

Panchic low ankle boots.

Special weaves

«Luxury and craftsmanship are essential synonyms. I think that a perfect product cannot be created without craftsmanship: deluxe materials are not enough ». Thus Gianni Dori, CEO of Rodo, introduces the famous Florentine brand founded by his father Romualdo in 1956. It was he who became passionate about that magical world of straw weaving (the “Florence straw”): a technique that, in Rodo, today also includes precious leathers. An art that has been handed down in the company for generations, with a passion brought down to the smallest detail. This success led the founder to build his own factory in 1962, in Mogliano Marche; while in 1975 Rodo reached another great milestone by launching the first line of footwear, to which the brand dedicates great attention. “We would like to remain a niche brand but with a great history, recognized worldwide for the quality and exclusivity of products that, over time, will be able to conquer even more value”. (Virginia Ricci).

rodo crocodile bag

Rodo handbag.

Precious flora

Nature, light, emotion are the elements with which Giulia Barela sculpts the precious material: in her Atelier in Piazza San Pantaleo in Rome, she models jewels in 925 silver and bronze dipped in 24k gold through sculptural shapes and precious textures.

Giulia Barela leaf earrings

Giulia Barela capsule collection “Indian Leaves” earrings.

Mix & Match

The new “Maxi Wonder” sneakers express all the determination of Liu Jo and tell the most authentic spirit of the women who wear them, glamorous, feminine, eclectic: between color combinations, applications, a mesh of fabrics, pony-effect materials, and shining touches of glitter.

Liu Jo “Maxi Wonder” sneaker.

The essentials

Martino Midali’s success is based above all on some iconic pieces that have made the history of the brand: from palazzo trousers to wide shirts, up to the pencil skirt. Unique fit garments that hinge on fluid textures and delicate silhouettes. Wardrobe essentials, now enclosed in a special capsule collection of ten pieces where black, the protagonist together with non-crease fabrics, softly supports the beauty of every woman. Versace sneakers

Suit from the “Midali Twelve Month” mini collection.

The beauty of comfort

“Premium Fit” is the new line by Pierre Mantoux composed of sophisticated garments, enriched by the benefits of the avant-garde technologies of the LYCRA® brand. Timeless excellence and high-performance fabrics meet on five must-have models of the women’s wardrobe, with finishes and details designed to perfection: such as hidden seams and antibacterial silver gussets, which blend with the latest generation high-tech solutions forgive a unique comfort and fit.

Pierre Mantoux “Premium Fit” models.

Clara Luciani X Sandro: the interview

Two French women and indisputably fashionable. On the one hand,  Evelyne Chetrite, who founded Sandro Paris in 1984, transforming it into an international company. On the other,  Clara Luciani, born in 1992, successful pop singer-songwriter with class and style to spare. Today the co-artistic director of the brand’s latest capsule collection for fall-winter 2020/2021, available online and in stores from 15 OctoberClara Luciani X Sandro it is in all respects the mirror of the French artist’s style. A collection that covers the total look, where palazzo trousers, flared jeans, knitted vests, men’s striped shirts stand out. And then the accessories, from preppy-style Mary Janes to cowboy-inspired Texans, to belts with chains. Timeless, determined, retro, and androgynous pieces. A bit like her, who has always been passionate about fashion: her latest collaboration in December 2019 with Miu Miu, before designing – in quarantine – this capsule. We met them both, from a distance, to get to know their project, all-female. Versace sneakers

sandro x Clara Luciani

Evelyne Chetrite and Clara Luciani.

How was the collaboration with Clara born? Why her?
Evelyne: I chose Clara because I have always followed her as an artist, I appreciate her music – as well as her natural attitude and her sense of style. The decision was made before the Coronavirus epidemic spreadWe worked together via Zoom and the capsule was entirely designed during the lockdown. Clara chose the fabrics, the cuts, all through a screen, but nevertheless, she managed to transpose her style into the collection.

What inspired you when designing the collection?
Clara: My life in general. And then all my passions, movies. I reviewed The Shining three days before I started drawing the sketches for the collection, and this for example inspired me to create a shirt very similar to the one worn by Jack Nicholson. Usually, I let myself be inspired by everything that surrounds me, even in music, and so it was also for this new project. Versace sneakers

But there are also many Seventies inspirations in the collection…
The Seventies are definitely one of the decades I love most, for fashion, for design, for music, for everything I would say! I would define Clara Luciani X Sandro a modern version of the seventies, a reinterpretation. This capsule has the advantage of being composed of timeless pieces, which can be worn for several seasons in a row.

A style-conscious artist. Where does your love for fashion come from?
Clara: It all started when I was only 8 years old. At the time, I came across a French film starring Catherine Deneuve and her sister, Jacques Demy’s “ Josephine, The Young Girl of Rochefort ”. At the time in my eyes as a child, the costumes seemed really special, I remember that I was very impressed by the colors of the dresses of the protagonists, vivid and intense.

You are French, Sandro Paris is French. We often hear about style à la Parisienne. What are the must-haves to achieve it?
Clara. I think the typically Parisian style is a very natural thing. The idea is not to think too much about how to dress, wear what you want and never be complicated: it is a very comfortable style, which goes perfectly with light make-up and a messy hairstyle.

Which women is the capsule collection aimed at? Versace sneakers
. To contemporary women, not necessarily obsessed with fashion, but who recognize and love beautiful things and timeless garments. Let’s imagine dressing women with a strong personality, attentive to elegance. Very similar to Clara: the Millennials with a strong sense of style.

Clara Luciani X Sandro Paris.

One of the knitted vests from the Clara Luciani X Sandro collection.

Unique and original women… a bit like the capsule collection.
Evelyne. Exact! Clara Luciani X Sandro is a limited edition collection, each garment is numbered. This is a really important line for our brand, conceived from the beginning as an exclusive. The pieces are different and dress women at any time of the day: not just clothes, but also accessories, shoes, socks, bijoux.

Speaking of stars, Sandro Paris dresses are also popular with royalty, from Letizia Ortiz to Kate Middleton…
Evelyne. We can say it: we are very proud that royalty chooses to wear our clothes, also because they are not gifts.

You founded Sandro Paris in 1984: this makes you an ambitious and visionary woman. What characteristics should a strong woman have?
Evelyne. For me, a strong woman is a woman who knows she is strong despite knowing her weaknesses, and who instills this characteristic in her professional and private life.

Two women, united in a common project. Burning issues, that of female solidarity and women’s rights. Femininity is central to the Sandro collections, is it also central to the company?

Evelyne. We have been dressing women since 1984. The key positions of our company are occupied by women. The steering committee is made up of 12 people, all women, and 1 man. Femininity has been at the heart of the brand since our first steps, and always will be. The goal of our dresses is to make them feel elegant and beautiful. Often the whole Sandro Paris team gathers for lunch in the courtyard in our headquarters, and when it happens I observe all the women who work here. I feel very blessed to have created an environment that is like a family that cares about the values ​​of beauty, solidarity, and equality. Versace sneakers

Versace sneakers and other shopping ideas
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