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Victoria’s Secret Angel Tans In Summer’s Finest Swimsuit

Georgia Fowler’s beach outfit is impeccable

Let’s be honest – Summer 2020 is definitely not the ultimate dream, and surely many of you are now sadly shaking your heads in agreement. Indeed, the coronavirus pandemic has made adjustments to the planned rest of the majority, but, on the other hand, the closed borders have made it possible to take a fresh look at their native spaces. That is what the Russian representatives of show business hastened to do, showing on Instagram the brightest shots that we have collected hereNot only stars but also angels dream of showing off their summer photos in swimsuit. Victoria’s Secret. In particular, supermodel Georgia Flower.

swimsuit, summer,

Photo: @georgiafowler

The 28-year-old New Zealand beauty posted on her microblog a photo in a swimsuit, which can safely claim the title of the most exquisite beach suit. Juicy shades and velvet texture – it is impossible to remain unnoticed in such a bikini. The practicality of the outfit, of course, raises questions, although who cares, after all, looking at Georgia, it is difficult to take your eyes off. At the same time, the model does not do anything special – the girl simply sits comfortably on the armchair to sunbathe, which will give her slender body a chocolate shade. swimsuit

swimsuit, summer,

Photo: @georgiafowler

Well, after this publication it is obvious: in addition to the ideal figure, Fowler is also the owner of an impeccable sense of taste, and not everyone can boast of it. swimsuit

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Victoria’s Secret Angel Tans In Summer’s Finest Swimsuit
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