White jeans, striped sweater, shorts, white, back to school
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White jeans, striped sweater, shorts.

White jeans, striped sweater, shorts … The trendy shopping for back to school in 2020

Stripes, decked shorts, sailor accessories, we bring out the sailor’s outfit white to keep a taste of the seaside. Go for style for a comeback at the top of the wave.

We already miss the holidays on the coast and, from our stay by the sea, we brought back some inspirations to approach the super stylish back to school. Timeless, the marine style is a sure bet. Our stylists give you their advice to have a striped allure, and a boat look.

How to wear a striped sweater?

If there is one basic to have in your wardrobe, this is it. With flare jeans, white jeans, a leather skirt, and even with floral patternsshe goes with EVERYTHING! And forget the myth that scratches get bigger. This is wrong, archi wrong.

How to wear bridge pants?

Unlike the striped sweater which is easily turned away, the pants with a bridge (buttoned on the stomach), jackets, high waisted skirts, and others, have a first-degree aspect that it is preferable to respect to avoid the fashion faux pas. Wear your quilted pieces in the sailor’s wardrobe in total look: with a striped sweater, or another piece in the same theme to avoid the confusion of styles.

How to wear the sailor’s cap?

A captain’s cap with a total sailor looks, why not. With a colored suita printed outfit, or a folk look, it’s even better! Accessories like this will boost the look without vampirizing it. Hence the possibility, this time, of mixing inspirations.

Trendy accessories for back to school 2020

A striped scarf to complement a striped sweater or a white T-shirt, a rope belt over a worker jumpsuit, a pair of boat shoes with denim shorts and a men’s shirt, there is no shortage of ideas for casting off.

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White jeans, striped sweater, shorts.
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